Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Difference

Earlier today, my family found a squirrel's nest fallen from a tree above. My family also found two squirrels in the nest that previously were 30 feet above the ground.

Our initial thoughts were to leave them alone (and keep our scents off of them) in hopes that their parents would get them hoisted back up to their (new) nest.

As the morning rolled into the afternoon, the kids reported that apparently one of the squirrels was rescued by its parents. But the other was not.

Here is where the difference kicks in: My wife and my daughter then begin to think of ways to help the baby squirrel (and they end of getting info from a local wildlife person. "Put the baby squirrel in a clean butter tub and nail it high off of the ground. Put some paper towel over it so it doesn't get burned by the sun."

Here is where the difference continues: As the hours faded into evening, my wife went to the store to buy kitten formula. And now she and our daughter are feeding the squirrel.

Here is the other side of the difference: When it was first found and throughout the day, I have said (once) and thought frequently, "It is nature. It is what happens. It is the circle of (ironically) life." Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Glad I'm Here 4th

The other day, the Senate just missed passing a bill (or perhaps it was a resolution -- I can't remember School House Rock too well) which would have banned the burning of the American Flag. If I recall correctly, they missed by one vote.

In 1979, I remember my father being a disappointed that the Equal Rights Amendment was dieing as two-thirds of the states did not ratify it within the required time. (I am sure that my mother was disappointed as well, but it apparently struck a cord as my father's disappointment was a sting to the proverbially extendend helping hand and doing a just-do-the-right-thing-because-it-is-the-right-thing)

So, anyway, the flag amendment did not pass the US Sentate's floor.

I say "Well done. "

One thing that I love about this country is that people can do things which I might not be able to stand and as long as they aren't hurting anyone else, they can do/say what they want. I am crazy-happy that a blog that I might write will not cause the internal police to visit my house, I am psyched that my opinion . . . no matter how different from my neighbor . . . will be considered by that neighbor without repructions to either me or that neighbor -- We can speak over the fence freely and openly.

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky.

So as our country celebrates #230, I say "Speak your Voice, Speak It Well. Speak it from the heart and the brain and surely know that good and wise words will be gathered and they will grow." Posted by Picasa