Saturday, March 03, 2007

Underwater Dock

Within the past couple of years, our daughter -- probably just over 7 at the time, took this underwater, cropped photo of dear old dad and #2.
I like the picture as it was taken, obviously, underwater (one of those disposable, water-tight cameras). It reminds me of a fun Florida vacation with the family. It appears that I must have been a victim of the sun (and no-I-don't-need-sunscreen!-mentality) as I am swimming with a T-shirt.

But studying the picture, I love that I am supporting my son.

But not really supporting him -- I have placed my arm within reach of him and have pushed my leg out just so -- both to create "safe-zones."

"What, you are taking in more chlorinated water than air? What, your eyes have been cleared of bacteria by the pool-chemicals and you can't see? What, you're cold?

"Well, I will always -- always -- do my best to save you. But, just in case, you'd like to be a little nonchalant about the whole thing, feel free to grab my well-placed arm or land on my just-so leg -- I'll make you look good, let you grab your breath, and allow you to swim away at will.

"And on those occasions where you'd really just like to rest for a while -- who cares what other people think -- I'll also be there to pull you out of the water, wrap you in a towel, and give you a shoulder and a shadow for summer-napping.

"We're family . . . we're friends . . . and I'm an underwater landing facility."

Good stuff.

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