Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day and Self-Imposed Deadline

Perhaps there can be some sort of middle of the road compromise between being here and doing the things that need to be done elsewhere.

I was quite happy that I completed my goals from the previous post AND was able to give a little Mother's Day gift of a relatively free afternoon (ok #4 was sleeping at home, but it was relatively free) .
The kids (and their dad) liked the park and the catepillars [man, that was a spelling word for Kira last week, I hope that I just spelled it correctly.]

On another front and as a part of the journey, today I found a $5 bill in a ziplock bag that Crossroads had given me (along with the rest of the congregation also receiving other denominations). This happened about a 1 1/2 ago and I never gave it to someone that just might need it (e.g., someone in the grocery line a little short, someone that needed just a little something extra, etc.).

Well, while completing one of the weekend tasks that was on my list, I found the ziplock bag. And as I was going to complete the other tasks (the letters), it occurred to me that I'll just send along the $5 bill (bag and all) to one of the people in South Africa.

To me, it is only five dollars, but perhaps, just perhaps, the thirty (South African) Rand that it turns into will be a blessing of (a) completing my task of letters and (b) completing my task of giving from 18 months ago.

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