Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Education Begins Everywhere

Last week, a friend and I met to discuss education and how we might make education better for the teachers, the students, the families, and (although we didn't formally discuss it) society.

This evening, I just finished writing of the minutes of that initial meeting to both capture the record of the meeting and to create a to do list to get that all-important inertia overcoming static friction and dealing with the less-energy-to-overcome kinetic friction.

Meeting with my friend last week was quite good as it was another push to get the wheel moving. Finalizing the minutes this evening are self-validation that this seemingly pie-in-the-sky, big hairy audacious goal, it's-just-to-right-thing-to-do Project (with a capital P) is coming to life.

Mary Shelley would be proud.

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