Thursday, April 06, 2006


On April 2, we all attended a meeting to finalize many of the traveling considerations.

I'll be arriving back at CVG around 11:30 - which is a bonus as other flights land as late at 6pm. In other words, there is only so much one can do while waiting for a flight in Atlanta. I'll accomplish that in about 55 minutes and others will have 6 hours and 55 minutes to accomplish the same.

Of course, if Delta strikes, then I'll either be driving back from Atlanta with a few other (probably a little grumpy) people or finding some comfy carpet at ATL.

Anyway, during the April 2 meeting, members of the Prayer group (both formal and informal) came to the meeting and walked in holding candles and offering their prayers for us - kind of humbling. There are about 300 of us going on the trip. And there is at least one prayer partner for each person going - how is that for cool - we've just increased the team's size by at least double.

More than than, even people from our iD Series group showed up and provided their support! Can you believe it? They took time out of their late evening, drove over to church, waited (pretty) silently for quite some time (while their candles were burning (literally)) and then walked into the darkened auditorim carrying the candles.

It was like an endless wave of people. The first 50 or so were impressive as they came in -- then, it just wouldn't end. It was enough to make even the baldest of attendee have hair stand up.

So, that was good. Then after that, there were some African dancers as another surprise. I've added a picture (as a test while in the states and just because).

All is good Houston. T-Minus 6 days.

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