Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last US-Side Update

So it is about 2 a.m. Cincinnati time (or about 8 a.m. Mamelodi time).

Sometimes, I am quite slow on the uptake. Just this evening, I realized that there is a whole, whole lot of support-group stuff occurring on this trip. Initially, I thought that things were happening behinds the scenses and all was well. Now that I've been exposed to a little more of the logistics, I realize that there is a TON of behind the scene stuff.

Although that is impressive, that is not what this entry is about.

This entry is about the support and impact that we are receiving from home. I realized this just today. I mean that I kind of knew that Kim was doing a lot of things to allow me to go on the trek, but the more I think about it, the more grateful I am -- one night of bath duty with just one parent can be a little much. Tie that in with post-bath tooth-brushing negotiations, and carrying to bed negotiations and -- well -- it can cause some frustration.

So, hat's off to Kim and the kids for allowing me to go. What a gift.

And fortunatley, I realized this before calling Kim at 12:10 a.m. (about 25 minutes after she dropped me off) and asking her to please come back and please bring to me my money (both US and South African) that I'd forgotten.

I guess that I didn't add "Bring Money" to my checklist. -- Thanks much Kim (and Charlotte - her mom for watching our kids for another hour -- see there is another support person!)

Anyway, we are going to get on the buses to go to the airport soon. DAY-ATL around 6 a.m., then the rest of the way.

Godspeed Travelers.


WillB said...

Hi Dave
Welcome to Sunny South Africa! Watch out for that African sunshine - sunblock is your friend. Buy now you have probably started to learn some African phrases (do the local people speak Zulu, Sotho, or Xhosa?)

Good luck
Will B

Kristin W. said...

nI've been thinking about your and whole group all day long. I have chills every time I think about it. That's some girl mush for you. There was acool article about you guys in the Enquirer this morning. Can't wait to read more. Well, I guess you have 5 more hours in the air. Long day!!

Anonymous said...

Will, I agree about the Sun. It is harsh - a hat is quite necessary. The people that we are working with speak Sotho - and the main phrase that I know is "toilete".

Kristin, things are going well and we went on the game drive today - it was a good time. Tomorrow is Easter and then the work begins.