Monday, April 10, 2006

Taxes, Packing, and Schedule

We are leaving for South Africa on Wednesday evening - April 12 - Actually, we're leaving our homes on April 12 to have a huge rendezvous and then get on busses for the different airports around 3 AM on Thursday morning April 13. We are scheduled to arrive in Johannesburg on Friday morning around 10am local time.

Friday is going to be a "last-leg-of-the-trek" day.

Saturday is to be spent on a safari - I know that this sounds like a vacation day because, well, I guess that it is. Titus (the leader of the sister-church) has insisted that we spend a day on a safari as they are quite proud of their animals and they'd like to share the experience - so we are.

Sunday will be Easter Services (I've heard that they give some of our masses a run for their money as their service is scheduled to last about 3 hours long).

Monday - Thursday will be construction days. Our goal for each group of eight is to build 1 house per day. (Remember, the houses are about 30 ft x 20 ft; the roof is already installed, and we are installing concrete block walls - I think it is do-able).

Friday - Travel back to Jo-Burg in the morning. Visit the Apartheid museum. And Prepare for 18 hours against the jet stream.

Saturday - Land in Atlanta, learn if Delta has struck and figure out the next steps. With any luck, return to CVG between 11am and 6pm.

Sunday - Sleep in. Hit Church. Sleep out. Say hello to Kim and the kids.

Oh yea, the point of the cardinal and the moon - none, I just saw it this evening and took it.


Kristin said...

We're still totally excited for you. We feel that we get to a be a part of it a bit through you. We will pray for you daily. And that cardinal! I thought you pulled that off the web somewhere.

Dave Thurston said...

Thanks for leaving the comment Kristin. (The engineer in me thinks that) It is interesting to see how many people have volunteered to pray for me and for the trip. It appears that there is a relatively silent majority out there that do hold prayer in high regard. I am quite glad to have the support. Thanks much.