Saturday, April 15, 2006

Moon and Game Park

Photos from today: An elephant that got a little upset at a driver that passed us and tried to speed by (no confrontation by contact, just some pounding hearts). The other pics, three of the Big 5.
Today, we went shopping at a not-so-local, but not-out-of-the-way place. It was good and there were a lot of things one could buy. All of the shop workers were (once again) quite nice and polite. They wanted to sell their things and get a good price for them, but they weren't overly pushy like a New Yorker might be.

After shopping, we went to a Game Park for a look at the Big 5 animial (elephant, giraffe, leopard or cheeta (I can't remember which), hippo, and rhino). It felt a little like cheating seeing the animals (and just enjoying ourselves) before we have really done any work, but the leader of the local church has stated that he would like us to see Africa and some of its beauty before we begin working - he'd like us to experience all of it.

So, all of that was great. I was riding along with a friend and she said, "all I really want to see is a giraffe." So (trying to help or solve a problem (I am a guy you know)) I began scouring the brush to try to find that elusive giraffe. I was quite hoping that she'd be able to see what she really wanted. About 10 minutes later, the jeep-like thing stopped and just off our right - about 30 feet was a giraffe eating behind a tree. We stayed there about 20 minutes and the giraffe proceeded to come closer, cross the road and was probably about 10 feet from us. It was great.

Second part of this email. After dinner as we were driving back to the hotel, I saw the moon. [I think that the moon, and sun, are in the northern horizon as they cross the sky instead of the southern - no point here, just interesting]. While looking at the moon, I thought of my wife and kids. Even though we are so far away here, they can look at the same moon -- and if it is dark in Cincinnati, we could even look at it at the same time. Kind of unifying.

There is a point there, but I think that you'll have to draw your own conclusions.

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