Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter and Construction Prep

Pictures: Mother and child after church; interior of an example-home that we are to use a guide; the grandmotherly greeting (see below); post-church interactions; Daughter and Father.

I wasn't going to write too much today, but then as I sorted through the pictures, I saw one picture (which aesthetically isn't too great) but it reminded me of its occurance.

After Easter Service - which was pretty good -- or actually perhaps I am not giving it enough credit as I sang in Church today and I never (and I really mean never) do that -- we delivered some construction material to the sites. The sites that we visited today were not the squatter-cities, but were lower-income areas. People were out doors at many of the sites and looked at us with a little bit of wonder - 10 white guys getting out of a bus and dropping construction material off isn't (I think) too normal a site in Mamelodi. [sidenote: they weren't looking at us in a negative manner, just a "this-is-interesting-I-think-I'll-watch" manner -- much like we are looking at the residents as our bus passes by.]

Anyway, at one of this sites a grandmotherly type woman met us. Usually, this person that meets us suggests where we should store the material for safe keeping. She may have done that, but then she came further out and hugged each one of us that was bringing the material.

She didn't speak English -- she was quite grateful, happy, and excited about the promise of a new home.


WillB said...

Happy Easter, Dave!

I am sure you are missing Kim and the kids. You took some great photos on your game trip. I hope you saw some lions. Good luck with the construction - remember you are on African time?!


Dave Thurston said...

Will, oh yes, we are learning about Africa time. Being Flexible is important to accepting Africa time as I am sure you know. REMEMBERING to be flexible is the true key for us on the trip.