Friday, July 06, 2007

Day 2 (US Fri)

This evening the kids and I went to the Y for Pizza and Swimming. As we arrived, a big cloud helped with the heat of the day, but put a damper on the swimming of the evening.

G is holding a globe beach ball that he found at the baby-pool. With that, we were able to show where you landed this morning (afternoon to you) and also where we are. M responded with a "that sure is a long way to fly over the ocean."

Things went pretty well at the pool, but I think that the some of the kids are a little sleep deprived and a little quick-to-grumpy. With any luck, a good Friday evening snooze should provide the perfect antidote.

After swimming, we arrived back home to discover that the small garage door was locked from the inside. Apparently for safety's sake, M also locked the front door as he left the house. . . Did I mention that we had eaten some not-amazingly-greaseless pizza for dinner? I had to double over twice while I waited for (well, hell, I don't quite know what goes on when you have such a huge (but relatively quick) stomach pain that makes you bend all over and . . . just . . . stop) for the pain to pass. But I did the right thing . . . I stopped . . . twice.

As all of the doors were locked and the neighbors were either on vacation or just out (so there weren't any other keys around -- no I still don't have one). Oh, did I mention that the keys to the van were locked away safely in the house - we took those in to make sure we had Y passes (otherwise, we could have used those).

So, I decided to take the back door off its hinges. After I took the pins out, I realized that the door had to be open to remove it from its hinges . . . No dice there.

In relative desperation, I surveyed the house for the screen that would be easiest to fix (and that protected an unlocked window). Fortunately, I was able to (thieves and robbers, please stop reading HERE) remove the screen to the kitchen from the outside and to have No. 2 crawl over the kitchen sink to let the rest of us in.

All is well in Cincinnati.


Anonymous said...


That is hilarious. I'm sure Kim will appreciate the story. I love how dads take care of kids...they do just as good of a job as moms, but they just do things differently......

Give us a ring if you need any kid assistance. We'd be happt to take a few for you.

Kristin Wooten

Dave Thurston said...

Thanks Kristin. Things are going well here, the kids are fed, relatively clean, and looking forward to a fun week.

After 3 days and their schedules, I don't quite understand, but (perhaps) do better appreciate the scheduling that you mom-types do -- EVERY DAY!

My Outlook calendar is now full of different colors of many different appointments for Thurston House.