Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Day 7 (US Wed) Whooped. Or Men and Women are Different

A link to of a picture of Kim in Mamelodi is here on the Go Mamelodi Mama's blog.

Stayed up late last night working, got up early this morning for our morning meeting, going all day, and swimming this evening. I'm whooped.

There is a reason that the design is for two individuals to raise kids.

I can't articulate it too well, but here is an example of one of the differences between men and women (and a bit of what our kids are missing this week):

Kim and I used to go hiking in NJ on a certain "mountain". From the top of the mountain, one could (on a clear day) see the Manhattan skyline. During the many hikes, we discovered that if I led, we would move the whole time, our hearts were pumping, and we got to the top a little sooner.

When Kim led the hike, we saw more nature, talked a bit more, and were better connected.

Both methods had their positives and taking just one would still make for a fine use of the mountain, but over the course of the summer, taking both methods provides for a better grasp of the mountain's facets.

This week, the kids are doing fine; their hearts are pumping, their getting good parent time, but I'm not able to provide the slow-down view of life that their mom provides.

Just an insight from a "do you want pizza again tonight" type of Dad.

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