Monday, July 09, 2007

Insights - Day 4 (US Sunday)

Fear might not be the correct word, but for a bit of humor, its the one that I'm going to use.

Things that people that are currently in South Africa might have concerns (fear) about regarding those people they've left in the US:

Accidents - don't want any 911 calls, bloody noses, or missing houses upon their return.

Triumphs - don't want to miss any momentous occasions like first bike ride, first missing tooth, first solution of a differential equation while sitting on the potty.

Lack of Need - will everyone back at home do just fine without me? Ans: Anyone can fake it for a little over a week, but when things start growing in the kitchen because someone has left a half-cut pare on the counter and it is slowly turning to moosh, signs are being written on the wall. . .

Here are the real-life day-to-day concerns that the "stay-behinds" have in the US:

Laundry - Should I wash the red clothes with the dark colors (that contain some whites) or with other colored items (but just in cold water)? Ans: Create a stack of reds for (a) the return of the laundry-genius and (b) hope that those VBS-types don't create a "Red T-Shirt Day" later this week.

Coffee - Should I re-run water over the grounds to create the typical solution or should I go out now and make sure there's enough for the week. Ans: Both.

Clothes - Have we all left the house with enough clothing? Does everyone have shoes, dry clothes (or something from the Dad's trunk to wear)? Ans: see picture.

Food/Nutrition - Which child says that they'll eat a hamburger, but really takes just one bite and would much rather have a grilled cheese. Ans: the one that just spilled the chocolate milk on the red T-Shirt.

Toilets - Did No. 4 go to the bathroom before bed or will she end up going later . . . and where will later be? Ans: So far its been "YES!"

General - How are things going over there? Are you tired? Is it a good tired? What are you learning? Who has made friends with whom? Is the guava juice still really thick? Is everyone staying warm? How many homes have been built? Are the bus rides to the Township part of the fun as you have good chatting time? Has any one seen Raymond the Taxi Driver or Nancy the woman that wants a house? Did Tim drink less water on the Safari trip? Are you awake right now - getting ready for the day? Did you sleep well at your host's house? Are you finding that people are people and even on a mission-trip half way 'round the world, there are still some sticks in the mud? Do you find pity and grace in those situations? Did you remember to write your five favorite things of the day today? Isn't it great not having a cell phone? Isn't it great having completely new and completely different problems that require solutions? Is the moon out?

Quote of the day: [While listening to the Grease Soundtrack - you know the one they made a long time ago - when we were kids.]

"Dad, if you and Mom talk about it, I'd like to take acting lessons. With singing, too. Because I'd like that. Something where I could act, but I didn't have to kiss anyone."

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Dave Thurston said...

3.41 am US - Here is a final question, has anyone sat on a nail?