Tuesday, July 10, 2007

DAY 6A (US Tue) - 7 Deadly Sins

I don't know which Deadly Sin it is, but I'll admit that I have it.

It showed up on Monday morning when my four kids were in the correct-colored-T-Shirt for VBS.

It showed up again today about 30 minutes after the UPS man left.

On Monday morning, the kids had Vacation Bible School to attend. Kim was in the know and advised me that our kids should have orange t-shirts on for the first day. I don't know why each day has its own color, but it does. Here is the deadly sin part -- I was quietly proud and (hopefully) covertly superior as I looked at the other poor chaps whose Moms either did not have the same info that I had or didn't have enough time to find orange shirts.

I still have the pride (oh, that is the Deadly Sin that I am talking about, just came to me, duh) of knowing that I did well with the shirts. The silly parts are (a) man, there is a lot of competition and a ton of pressure to get everything just so. Just so one can depict the perfect parent, family, lawn, etc. (b) it shouldn't be that way as every parent has (I assume) the same amount of stresses and each parent knows that there is that stress at everyone else's house, but the competition is still there.

Deadly Sin No. 2 (for Tuesday): This one might be Gluttony, but it could also be Pride.

Today, the UPS man brought the yellow giant - a new vacuum cleaner -- a DYSON. [Man, do I need help.]

I don't quite know where I got the bug for a new vacuum, but after reading some things on the internet, talking to some friends, and ultimatley getting the new giant. I am (again) a proud head-of-household. I feel that I have conqured some of the dirt that we didn't even know was there. After about 8 minutes of using the vacuum, I have relieved our abode of about 1/2 gallon of dirt/dust/dust-bunnies.

Life is pretty darn good, if I can get this pride and gluttony in check and in moderation, I'll be able to chalk up the day and darn, darn good.

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