Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day 9 (US Friday) - Windfield Farm

This morning at about 11:55, the kids, some friends, and I talked about how Kim and the other travelers should now be wheels-up and bound for home! [and a little later, I received a phone call from Kim's mom that they were leaving a little late, but would probably be able to arrive back in the US on time.]

So as Kim was traveling today, we decided that we should also travel (ok, that wasnt the reason, but it makes a good segue). So we loaded up and went to my parents' farm.

At the farm, our kids were able to meet their second cousins (is that was cousins' kids are to each other?) And while my cousin and I were able to reconnect without missing a beat, our kids connected with no prior beat. Just great that the prior happens and amazing that the latter happens.

My best idea of the day (and possibly the week): the kids eat the pizza outside. The several spills were just asides, not the events they would have been in the dining room.

Kim will land back on US soil in about five hours, then a meandering path via Chicago to Cincinnati.

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