Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 11 - Reacclimation

Kim's body clock is getting re-acclimated to Eastern Daylight Time, but her body clock is still probably set to somewhere over the mid-Atlantic.

Here are a few of the lessons that I've learned while staying at home during the past week:

No. 1: I now understand how damn frustrating it is to be getting out the door on time with all four kids fed, clothed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, no food on front of shirt, no food on sleeves of shirts from using them as a napkin, in their seats without bickering . . . only to learn that one of them has neglected to bring something of paramount importance to our destination.

Right now, I can't remember what the specific item was that was left behind. But, boy oh boy do I remember walking around the house, feeling the stress rise, and thinking, "all of this preparation, all of this coordination, all of the reminders, and it is unraveling because No. X forgot to get ________! Arghh.

No. 2: The Arghh is a good segue. Earlier in the week, the kids talked me into taking them to Scallywags Laser Tag. I agreed to take them, but knew that I wasn't going to play as No. 4 was a bit too small.

Then a friend suggested that I should go play tag with them. You'll have fun and you can make sure that G and G are getting along ok.

Well, I did go in and I had a blast. So, even though it wasn't fun that I had picked, as I got my mind in the right arena, I found that it was darn fun. Glad that I did it.

No. 3: Just like at work, I have to be responsive to my kids needs and requests. Bear in mind, I don't always have to do what they ask, suggest, or say; but I do have to respond to their requests - they deserve an answer -- even a "no" if that is the answer.

But, if the answer is a "Yes, I'll be there in a minute." I also owe them that follow-up visit to take care of the item.

No. 4: There is only one time that I have a struggle with having my kids sitting in my lap.

Normally, our kids will use both of us (the 'rents) as bases or safe locations or resting pods. Usually, I am happy (and honored) to have them sit in my lap. It says something about our relationship that they'd like to spend time near me, they trust me, they know that they'll be comfortable, and they know that they'll usually get some quality dad-time.

Except when I am trying to take pictures of something. During those times, I can feel the frustration rise.

No. 5: It takes a
mom and dad to raise kids.

There are others. I'll write them down later.

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