Saturday, July 07, 2007

Day 3B (US Saturday Evening)

All the people in South Africa are probably not awake for Sunday yet, but are about 90 minutes from their alarms doing their jobs. So, it'll be Sunday morning when they wake up. If I remember correctly, they'll go to Sunday Church, hang around the church (play soccer, look around the hospice and school, and eat lunch) then get paired to go spend the night in Mamelodi.

This will probably be only the second time that Americans (and not to get too racey, but it'll be noticed there) specifically white Americans will be spending the night with in the Township. This will again (I'm sure) be a big deal.

There will be some awkward moments with the locals being good hosts and meeting the needs of their guests . . . and the American's being good guests and accepting the no-I-don't-really-need-that intangible gift. But by morning time, a rare, honest, and seared friendship will have been made. [Re-reading that last sentence -- it sounds pretty corny, but based on the interactions that I previously saw and the stories that I heard, that is what happens - I didn't stay the night in '06.]

On the home front, things continue to go well. We've managed to (so-far) make all of the appointments, dose out the correct medicines, and stay relatively clean, happy, and satisfied. It feels good knowing that I'm (heck, all five of us are) playing a small, support role to those traveling in South Africa.

The Score:

1-EA Minor I-Miss-Mom meltdown (occurred because "Mom took my mirror to South Africa and now I can't find it." - Best said with a voice that carries amazingly well from such a small frame.)

0-EA Major I-Miss-Mom meltdowns (that I can remember. Of course, I reserve the right to purge any Major, In-Public Meltdowns from my short-term memory).

Several-EA Why-can't-I-have-candy-for-lunch Meltdowns from No. 3 with an assist from No. 4.

1 or 2-EA Major Boy-I'm-too-Tired-to-Admit-I'm-Too-Tired-(or-Too-Grumpy) meltdowns from Nos. 2 and 3.

The front lawn is cut and the wind is at our backs. -D

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