Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 8 (US Thursday) - Geocaching

The Geocache Titled "Kids' Rule" has been placed. No. 1 found the geocache on her own with the use of Mom's GPS.

She read on the GPS that she was within 5 feet and after a couple of minutes and one hint ("This area may flood."), she found it.

[For info on what in the heck Geocaching is, click on]


Mark & Kim said...

she's almost home dave!!! you've done a great job being a single dad this week - and journaling it!! Have a great reunion!!
Kim B

Dave Thurston said...

Thanks Kim.

I've been told that I might lose my Dad's-Union card for saying this, but all husbands would benefit from a week doing the things that their wives usually do.

It makes some things so much more obvious. I think that I'll write something about that up in the final Go-Mamelodi 07 Series of Entries.