Monday, July 09, 2007

Day 5B (US Monday Evening) - Hot Day Today.

Listened to some music at Fountain Square today. It was hot, hot, hot. No. 4 Checks were a bit red. Afterward, went to the top of Carew Tower - wasn't nearly as stressful as I thought it might be (with 4 under 9-year-olds running around).

Best attraction of the day: Riding the escalators in the Tower.

Entire Lawn is cut!


Mark & Kim said...

dave - I have loved following your adventures - every bit as exciting as the crew in Mamelodi. Loved the pink boot story - we have had stuff go out our windows on the interstate - but never have been able to recover anything!! Have a great week - you're doing a great job and looks like the kids are having a blast!!!
From - another Kim in Kids' Club!!!

Dave Thurston said...

Thanks Kim. It was initially meant to be a blog about the "support group" back at home, but I can't help but make it a bit of a "how-goes-it" to my Kimberly. Thanks much for leaving your comment.